In 2008 I met Dave Brown, after joining a video startup in San Diego. After realizing how much we had in common, he asked me to write for Holiday Matinee, which was transforming into a lifestyle brand and blog for creative inspiration after its roots of handling PR and organizing tours for bands like Jimmy Eat World and Death Cab for Cutie. I told him “helltotheyes” and we’ve been at it ever since.

Today I'm COO, which means I manage the site, shop, events, and curate one of the internet's best mixtapes. We’re currently working on our second book.


We love sharing creativity with our readers and while we may not post as often as we once did, we still share to remind people that everyone is creative and should be doing what they love. As an added bonus, it’s allowed me to meet some of my favorite artists and musicians. As we like to say, “Love your work, work your love.” Read my posts >>



Over the years, we’ve maintained a shop on SupermarketHQ, Shopify, and Society6. We make products for the creative lifestyle including shirts, notebooks, a book, and a Thinking Cap.



We love using technology to bring people together. We’ve hosted Cause for Drinks fundraisers, creative markets, and book release parties that were hot shit in New York, San Francisco, and San Diego. Our success led to partnerships with brands like Ford, Toms Shoes, and Threadless.



Produced The Amazing Game of Recollection iPhone app. It turns the art of discovery into a fun game that rewards you for playing. The gameplay is reminiscent to Memory, but in our case, matching up and exploring over forty creative products fully endorsed by Holiday Matinee. Complete each board and you’ll earn a sweet promo code that will save you wads of cash at one of these five super awesome creative shops.