Before you work with me, I want to share what I’m about. Here are the values that I rely on to guide my decisions.

Let the heart lead

Do the right thing, not the money thing.


Seek to understand where people come from. It earns respect.

Work smart, not hard

Manage energy and prioritize. Sometimes prioritization is choosing what makes you feel alive over rhyme or reason.

Say “fuck it”

Sometimes (a lot of the time), say "fuck it" and just do the thing. You probably won't become homeless and you probably won't die. If you do, at least you went for it.

Goddamnit, you've got to be kind

Relationships are all there is. How do you want to be remembered?

Keep shit simple

Life will make things complicated at some point. For anything you have control over, keep it simple.

Make art

When all else fails, make something beautiful. Just about anything can be art with the right intention.

Ask questions

"This is the way things have always been done" is a terrible justification for the way things are. See if there's a better way.

Cynicism is for the weak

You can't always be optimistic, but spend more time recognizing beauty, practicing gratitude, and focusing on what you can control.


Give yourself permission to walk on walls, draw in the sand, and laugh at stupid things. 

Go deep

The world is vast and mysterious. Explore and have deep conversations.

Little things matter

Small everyday actions matter just as much as the big ones.

Sleep your way to the top

Being rested is never a waste of time.