Airbnb is a global travel community that offers magical end-to-end trips, including where you stay, what you do and the people you meet.

I started the Airbnb design team blog that gave readers and job candidates a look into what it's like to design at Airbnb. My responsibilities included developing, writing, and posting content, plus measuring reader analytics. Topics included branding, visual design, experience design, internal publications, and more.

Although the blog has evolved into something larger and my stories are no longer live, I've reposted a couple for you to see.

Inside the rebrand

I worked with Airbnb art directors and designers to tell the story behind the Airbnb rebrand. To say this rebrand was scrutinized is an understatement. Read about it >>


World Cup Visual Identity

This post covered Airbnb's efforts to engage football fans during the 2014 World Cup in Rio de Janeiro on a local level. Read about it >>

Impact Reports

This story covered a redesign of Airbnb Impact Reports, data-driven reports designed to show local governments how Airbnb can positively impact the cities and communities in which its members host and travel. Read about it >>