Hidden Treasure


You found the hidden page! And for that will be rewarded handsomely.



The world changes and you have to keep learning to keep up. Also, it’s fun. I think there’s tremendous value in face to face instruction, but there are also a lot of online learning options to get you started. CreativeLIVE, IDEOU, and Udemy are a few of my faves.


For everything personal finance related, I cannot recommend Ramit Sethi’s I Will Teach You To Be Rich enough. Start with the book and then take some courses.


Go beyond algorithms of streaming services. Go to shows, ask humans what they’re listening to in the streets. Hype Machine has a really nice newsletter for discovering new music when you become a supporter.


Eating real, nutritious food will do way more for you than any health hack or trend. Try incorporating more of these foods and these spices into your diet.