Neighborhood: Chinatown
638 Pacific Ave
San Francisco, CA 94133

I hate mornings. I have no desire to become a morning person. But my general rule is that I will get up early if I’m doing something fun like traveling, camping, or in this case visiting an interesting place like New Regent Cafe. Located in San Francisco’s Chinatown, this busy diner is smothered in green and pink pastel colors. It offers both Chinese and American-style breakfasts, all while you bask in the glory that are old exercise videos on antiquated televisions.

Though our communication was sparse with anyone besides our waitress, an older man came over to us flaunting the latest issue of The National Enquirer, with a cover story being Hillary Clinton’s supposed poor health and six previous strokes. At the time, we laughed him off as the crazy old man, but what we unfortunately now know is that it was a foreshadowing of our nation’s voting populace.