Monthly Gratitude #2: Health by Kiran Umapathy

I’m appreciative of my health. I know it’s something that can change overnight or with a freak accident, but I’ve been extremely lucky so far.

I can run 10 miles and it’s no big whoop. Hiking is rarely strenuous and my body allows me to experience just how amazing nature is. It’s not uncommon that I’ll walk 2 miles to go do something instead of being lazy and summoning a car.

To be fair, I’ve developed habits that help me maintain this privilege. I make it a point to be active and I’m not afraid to get a little sweaty or have my hair looking less than perfect. I don’t eat complete trash all the time and I value sleep that helps me recover instead of following the ill-fated advice of “sleeping when I’m dead.”

Still, living in a big city you see people in wheelchairs, people with missing limbs and elderly that can no longer even stand safely on a city bus. I’ve got to be thankful for what I have now because it may not always last, but at the same time remember that much of it is still very much under my control.