food allergies

Monthly Gratitude #1: Food Allergies by Kiran Umapathy

I want to start building a habit of appreciation for what I have in life. It’s a miracle that any of us even exist. Think about it. There’s this planet that is somehow habitable to life in a universe that is mostly empty space, amongst what may very well be an infinite number of universes. Humans had to evolve to a point where they didn’t just get killed by other animals. One of millions of sperm had to beat out the rest to reach one of a finite number of eggs. Many things could have gone wrong after that. There are far more than twelve things I’m thankful for, but I hope that these entries will help me not take so many things for granted. Maybe it will help you treasure what you have too. Here goes.


I’m grateful for not having any food allergies. I’m sure there are foods I’m sensitive to, but nothing that’s going to instantly alter my health. I have friends that can die from eating a peanut and others that will break out into nasty hives from delicious citrus fruits. I don’t have to live with those fears. How amazing is it that I can experience all that the Earth feeds us without serious consequences? I know this may not last forever and that I may develop allergies over time that will change my life. But right now, I’m golden. It makes me feel incredibly lucky.