Which one is the real me? / by Kiran Umapathy

I just returned from a 9PM run and managed to dodge the rain. I like running at night because it's a different experience. You get to be the crazy person because no one else is out running. People shout different kinds of things at you (today's was: "You can't run from Jesus!"). It seems like you are running faster than you actually are.

As I finished up, I could already feel the dopamine kicking in. I was far more optimistic and confident than any other part of the day. It made we wonder which is the real me. Is it the doubter, letting fear take control? Or the one crying, "That's nonsense, you're doing great and can achieve anything."

The cynic in me says post-exercise Kiran is delusional, but even if that's true I can't let myself believe that. It's far better to believe that the real me is the one who has just run five miles and is brimming with excitement for what's to come.