Coming out of school with a B.S. in Business Administration (the humor is not lost), it wasn't long before I abandoned the safe path and headed west. It's the best decision I ever made and has given me opportunities I never could have imagined. In many ways, it's when my life began.

Since then, I've worked at startups and interviewed rockstars, spoken at colleges, panels, and PechaKucha. I've secured press coverage for clients in everything from The New York Times, to Fast Company, WIRED and The TODAY Show. Recently, I've been helping companies like Udemy and Airbnb introduce new brands and have consulted with design leaders like IDEO and TM to reimagine industries through design thinking.

For me, the most important thing in life is leaving behind something beautiful, something that finds its way into the lives of strangers and forever alters them in a positive manner.
— Ramesh Srivastava

If this sounds like your calling, I want to meet you. Let's rendezvous, even if your preferred hour is at the bar around two.

I’ve always found doors fascinating inventions. They hold the entry to unlimited imagination. Before you open any door, a world filled with possibilities sits right behind it. And it isn’t until you open it they are realized. Such potential they bring to our minds. And yet a lock stopped you from all of that. How... lazy.
— Whiterose, Mr. Robot

We'll walk through that door together.